August 29, 2010

Banana-Caramelized Plantains-Walnut-Mini Cupcakes

No frosting on these cupcakes.  Because, well, I don't like frostings on cupcakes.  Unless it is a really light sponge cake type of cupcake.


Anonymous said...

I think you got the whole Blog Idea down & all.But you really need to upgrade to a new camera because with oridinary camera you looseing the maint point of the blog & thats the photo content.If you can't capture the real essence of the food via photo then their no point of writing a description. Save it for the daily grind on your xanga facebook etc. I might sound harsh but I Seen better amateur photographs that actually help entice the web viewers.Still A++ For effort & interesting reviews on yelp. - juz1teg ( I am a Boston Local By the Way) ^_^

ice cream addict (=^_^=) said...


Thanks for the feedback. However, this is just a fun little blog that I keep to connect with long distance friends. Kind of like a journal of what I baked. Therefore, I don't think I really need to invest in an expensive camera.

I'm not looking to draw in a huge amount of web viewings, but I am happy when someone stumble upon my blog.